VIP Events Manhattan

What is VEM?

You work hard: You deserve a treat of absolute whimsical carnal erotogenic satisfaction. That is where we come in…

VEM, short for VIP Events Manhattan, is the world’s most popular private gentlemen’s lap dance & adult-entertainment party. This is an exclusive event offering the largest number of beautiful, friendly models to mingle and engage with.

VEM goes down biweekly in a privately owned two floor nightclub in Manhattan.

Entry is only allowed through RSVP.

*What is this?
We are the worlds most popular and highest attended lap dance VIP event!
*Must I RSVP to Attend
Yes. It is a Private Membership Association, legally sealed private event, on private grounds, attendance by official invitation solely, and on-premises private membership association only event, requiring an RSVP with first name and initial of last name to request an invitation. RSVP at:
*When are these VIP events?
Bi-monthly every other Thursday: See the calendar of events for specific dates, and/or even better and easier simply join the newsletter to be notified automatically.
*How often are these events?
These elite VIP events are bimonthly: See for schedule, and/or join the newsletter.
*What time do you open and close?
Open at 8 pm, and close at 2 am.
*How do I find out where the VIP events take place?
You will be notified of the exact location once you RSVP if we choose to send you the requested and required official invitation.
*Am I going to get eXcItEd when I walk in and see the girls?
Fuck yeah! We offer more hot girls, more hot girls, and hotter girls than any event on earth to hang out, party, and play with!
*Who are the hot girls at the VIP events?
Most of our many dozens of Angels are college girls, pretty next-door type girls, regular common cute girls you see around and drool thinking about, actual high-end model agency signed working models, legitimate bikini models, calendar models, Playboy models, Penthouse models, Maxim models, TV and movie actresses, aspiring models and actresses, Hooters girls, lingerie models, real nurses, waitresses, bartenders, strippers, porn stars, famous fetish video models, cam-girls, waitresses, dancers, ballet performers, yoga babes, muscle chicks, pole girls, secretaries, librarians, flight attendants, and just cute young girls from every walk of life.
*What type of girls do you have?
We have beautiful girls of every type shape weight height size, etc., for everyone's taste.
*Is there privacy for sessions?
Yes! There is entire second floor of palatial VIP rooms! These are TOTALLY PRIVATE VIP session rooms! (See the VIP section for more information).
*Do you offer VIP rooms?
YES! The best VIP rooms anywhere! There are over one dozen palatial VIP rooms on a separate floor! King size bedrooms with king sized mattresses!
*May I pre-reserve a VIP room?
Yes. Contact us at and let us what time and for how long you wish a VIP room: (See the VIP section for more information).
*May I reserve and/or pre-reserve a VIP room for the entire night?
Yes! You may reserve or book a VIP room that will be all yours for the entire night! Simply contact us at to make arrangements.
*Do you offer free session spaces?
Yes. We also offer quite comely free session rooms.
*I heard all your session rooms (VIP or free) have king size mattresses, can that be true?
Yes! Amazingly is amazingly true!
*May I bring friends to the party?
YES! And, if you have attended one party previously minimally, and your guest(s) have not, you get in FREE! (The suggested voluntary door donation is waived).
*What if bring more than one guest?
If you refer more than one friend you are entitled to future waiver{s} off the suggested voluntary door donation.
*Are looking for promoters?
Yes. We offer $100 for new every guy referred, and $100 for every new girl to model referred. You can rich fast and easy!
*How do I become a promoter?
Contact us to apply. 
*May I refer a girl(s) who wants to work your VIP events?
Yes! Refer girls to us to work and you get in for only 100 BUCK-HER-OOS! (The suggested voluntary door donation is merely $100).  
We must actually hire any girl{s} you refer to us; that is not guaranteed. You must have attended one of our VIP events previously, and the girl(s) must have had no previous contact with us. (If you refer more than one girl to model you are entitled to future waiver(s) off the suggested door donation).
*How is the location?
Our elite VIP events are held in the premier private club on the East Coast! In Manhattan!
*Why is it a private location?
Privacy rights apply to private locations; NOT to public locations such as bars and lounges and such. In our opinion holding or attending a party in a public location is VERY unwise.
*Are there cameras?
No. In almost ALL public locations there ARE cameras filming EVERYTHING you do - Not at our private location.
*Will my picture be taken?
Absolutely not. There are no cameras filming you endangering your anonymity.
*May I take photos or videos or audio at the VIP events?
No. DOOM if you do.
*May I carry my cell phone?
Yes. But do not take any recording, pictures, videos, audio, or... DOOM.
*I am a media vulture-rat-cockroach: may I come and film/record/report, etc...?
No fucko. It is a Private Membership Association, a private event on private grounds: you would be trespassing, and shall be charged with such, and sued civilly, and more, you used tampon/condom.
*Is my anonymity safe at the party?
Absolutely. Anonymity is a major priority of ours.
*If I am a celebrity; can I come and not be seen?
Yes! We are the new secret playground of celebrities and world-class playboys. Indeed, we are the Playboy Mansion of the East Coast. Just contact us: We got your famous back. What happens at our VIP Events Manhattan stays at VIP Events Manhattan (VEM). 
*How do I see the model list?
Only those who RSVP get to see the exclusive membership-only models list.
*What is the cost of this VIP event?
There is only a voluntary suggested door donation of 100 Smack-Her-OOOS - ($100). For couples $125.
*Is it all just single men or are couples welcome also?
Of course! We do NOT discriminate against anyone in any way, (it is a 100% discrimination-free zone, plus we have a zero-tolerance policy against any type of discrimination), thusly we welcome single men, and couples.
*How much is it for couples?
The suggested voluntary door donation for couples is $125.
*How much is a session?
LAP DANCES/SESSIONS: Loads of beautiful girls’ voluntary possible voluntary suggested tips are separate from VIP room voluntary suggested donations, or other. Such model voluntary possible suggested tips are at the absolute discretion of each fetching entertainer; each entertainer(s) is/are there independently and of their own accord to entertain self-willingly at their own possible voluntary suggested tips. (Said possible suggested voluntary tips are solely intended for the company and entertainment of the models; absolutely not for any form of prostitution, sex, nudity, or any other illegalities).
*How long is each session?
Sessions are 10 long-ass wild-ass minutes! Lap daces are per song.
*How long have you been doing this?
We have been overwhelmingly successfully in existence for over a decade.
*Who the fuck are you?
Not relevant... Who the fuck you are IS.
*Drinks available?
BYOB: If you want to liquor up: BRING IT! (Must be 21 years of age or older to attend or drink alcohol; legal ID required). [We do not sell back your BYOB alcohol, or sell ANY alcohol].
Yes always an attractive female bartender.
*Can I hold my own alcohol?
No. You must give your alcohol to the bartender.
*If I do not finish my alcohol (bottle) can I get it back when I leave?
*Can I leave with my open drink/beer?
No. You may not leave with any open drinks/beers.
*Mixers available?
Yes. Free mixers available, ice, and much more!
*Coat check?
Yes. Sexy coat check girl awaits your appearance, with a smile.
*May I bring and check (a) bag(s)?
Yes. You may check your shit with the foxy coat check girl. (Your bags will be respectfully searched for weapons drugs and such).
*Liquor store nearby?
Yes. Liquor store(s) is/are a short walking distance away.
*ATM available?
*Food nearby?
Yes! The best food!
*Who owns these events?
Inquisitive aren't you? This VIP event is owned by the number one adult-law attorney in the country! (That is a VERY good thing).
*Who runs these events?
These events are run by the leading event promoters, and support staff, of any event anywhere: that is one of many reasons why we are #1.
*Is there is a dress code?
Not really. You may wear what you wish, but, we do ask that it be reasonably clean in appearance.
*Am I safe?
Absolutely. Professional licensed HIGHLY-TRAINED multi-male security is present at all times. (Everyone is checked for weapons).
*May I request a certain girl for when I plan to attend?
Yes. E-mail us at and just let us what time and for how long you wish a particular yummy model and we shall do our best accommodate your desires.
*Will I feel comfortable?
Yes! Our girls are picked not just for their extreme super wow looks, but also for their ability to make you feel comfortable. We are also considered by most to the nicest and most polite event hosts. Your comfort and pleasure is amongst our highest priorities.
*I have never been to anything like this before: how will I feel?
Relax. We specialize in making newbies feel great.
*How old must I be?
ALL attendees must be 21 or over, with legal ID.
Fuck yeah.
You bet.
*Is this legal?
Absolutely yes! (The owner is an attorney who specializes in these laws!).
*Anything illegal allowed?
Absolutely not!
Absolutely not!
*Prostitution allowed?
Absolutely not!
*Is there any sex or nudity allowed?
Absolutely not!
*If I have a question(s) not answered here, may I ask?
But of course... Just email us.
*May I speak with someone on the phone?
Fuck no. Email shall suffice. We have private lives; please respect that we wish to keep it that way: got that?
*Who may attend?
Being a Private Membership Association, private VIP event, on private grounds, and on-site Private Membership Association, we have the right to and do not allow anyone associated with any law enforcement without a valid warrant. We perpetually and always invoke the Fourth Amendment evermore. Nor do we allow anyone with any media affiliation: DO NOT snoop or media-sandbag us, or pull any other sneaky poppycock or you shall pay a HEAVY legal price; A SAVVY BADASS LAWYER RUNS THIS PARTY; DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!
*How do I join your Private Membership Association?
Everyone who RSVP's to one of our VIP events becomes a member automatically whence they pay the $100 suggested voluntary door donation at a VIP event.  
*How do I remove myself from the Private Membership Association?
Just email and ask and it is done.
*I heard you are the best: is that really true?
Yes: VIP Events Manhattan is THE SHIT.
*C'mon the best AND prettiest AND most girls?
Yup: Ain't no shit neither.
*Is there anything like your events on the planet?
*Is this is really to best thing a man, (or couple), can experience in the whole wide world.
*How do I get in on all the fun?
This is a Private Membership Association, closed private event, on private grounds, attendance by invitation solely, and on-site Private Membership Association VIP event. An official RSVP is mandatory to get an official invitation. Please RSVP with first name and initial of last name to:, thereafter the location is divulged to you; have your official invitation ready at the door to gain entry.

Become a model at our party! Kindly send us your info (face shot, body shot, age, phone number) here.

VEM has a glorious homelike Private Affair Room that can cooly accommodate ANY private party!

So have your (best ever!) bachelor party, divorce party, birthday party, celebrity entourage – (what happens at VEM STAYS at VEM!) – or whatever celebratory party within a party at VEM!

Inquire here to get your party started!

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: You must read this in its entirety before attending any of our events/parties/affairs, or engaging us in any way whatsoever, or looking viewing listening, or otherwise engaging anything associated to/from/with us in anyway whatsoever; failure to so and the legal consequences therefrom are yours solely.

VIP Events Manhattan is/are privately legally sealed private event(s) held on private property/grounds attendance by invitation only, an on-site membership only event, RSVP mandatory to request and possibly receive said required official invitation of which such official invitation must be produced to gain entry. As such VIP Events Manhattan absolutely reserves the right to bar entry to anyone, or demand anyone to leave, for any reason at any time without reservation. Anyone with any law enforcement association whatsoever, (of any type whatsoever), is/are strictly disallowed entry without a valid warrant: The 4th Amendment is invoked always, plus any other applicable Constitutional legal rights or other legal rights or other.

Anyone with any media affiliation, of any type, and/or any recording equipment of any type is/are strictly disallowed entry. No snooping: By reading this and/or attending you agree to not speak/communicate of/about or other about VIP Events Manhattan, hosts, models, occurrences, or other, in perpetuity ad infinitum.

Any and all illegal activity, including genital contact, private area touching, nudity, sex of any type, prostitution, drugs, weapons, violence, or any other behavior or thing conceivable that breaks any applicable law(s) in existence anywhere is/are strictly disallowed.

Any possible monies possibly donated and/or tipped in any possible way at the door/entry or other is/are solely possible voluntary donations possibly donated for entry solely and not in any way a/an exchange for prostitution or any other illegalities whatsoever. Any possible monies possibly tipped to any model(s) from any attendee(s) in any possible way whatsoever are solely voluntary possible tips for company and legal entertainment and not for any illegalities whatsoever such as but not limited to prostitution, all such or any illegalities of which is/are absolutely disallowed. Possible voluntary donations and/or tips for anything stated herein or other for anything else or other are not demanded or mandatory or required and are hence solely and absolutely voluntary donations and/or tips.

You must respect the models at all times; do not touch or talk to them inappropriately; any and all possible physical possible contact of any kind whatsoever, possible contact of which must be fully legal and non-sexual, must be absolutely fully consensual; do not attempt to get any models private contact or other information.

We retain the absolute right to change date(s), location, models, and/or anything else possible at our absolute discretion.

VIP Events Manhattan is a BYOB event. We do not sell back your alcohol, or sell any alcohol whatsoever, EVER.

We are not responsible for any lost/stolen objects ever under any circumstances.

We expressly state heretofore wherein that we are not criminally or civilly legally liable for anything illegal that you choose/chose to do under you own volition and will; any/such illegal activities are absolutely against our expressed demands and wishes; said illegal activities are solely your liability criminally of civilly; we bear no liability for aforementioned illegal activities or other of anyone/others said illegalities that we heretofore hereinbefore and hereinafter expressly and patently disallow.

*Consent is paramount, and everything is absolutely voluntary.

All attendees must be 21 to enter: legal valid ID required, including all models. One must be 21 or over to even READ or engage in any way anything associated with VIP Events Manhattan.

All written and/or oral statements in any form herein, or associated/related in any way thereto whatever, are copyrighted, and, accordingly, have full legal copyright protection. Reproduction in any form of anything whatever from this page, or anything else related thereto, is/are strictly disallowed, and wholly illegal. Any copyright infringement shall result in direct civil and/or criminal legal action/prosecution.

VIP Events Manhattan is run by a Bad-Ass attorney who IS a BADASS: Do not even THINK about it.

*VIP Events Manhattan is/are (a) peaceful protest(s) event(s) for expanded consensual sexual freedom, abolishing sexual discrimination, and other.

Copyright © 2022 VIP Events Manhattan to eternity. All rights reserved.



    If you want to liquor up: BRING IT! We do not sell back your alcohol, or sell any alcohol, ever.

    VIP Rooms:

    Silver VIP Rooms

    Semi-Private Enclosure

    Suggested Voluntary Donations:

    10 Minutes: $50
    20 Minutes: $60
    1/2 HOUR: $75
    45 Minutes: $85
    1 HOUR BEST DEAL! $100

    Gold VIP Rooms 

    Private Bedrooms!

    Suggested Voluntary Donations:  

    10 Minutes: $60 
    20 Minutes: $75    
     1/2 Hour: $100 
    45 Minutes: $125
    1 HOUR: BEST DEAL! $150 

    VIP Rooms
    Have a heightened beautiful experience with one of our beautiful Demi-gals in one of our homey palatial King-Size Demigod/VIP rooms!

    There are two types of VIP rooms:
    VEM top pleasure-giving VIP (Demigod-Gold) rooms are actual palatial bedrooms with a hard wood door, a king-size mattress with a King size mattress for Kings and Queens, along with sexy lighting and music so you may have a true bedroom-experience with one or more of our angelic Angels of VEM. These dens-of-iniquity are known as the “Gold-Demigod rooms”. These Ferrari-like rooms are full suggested voluntary donation rates, but still extraordinarily reasonable!

    VEM feel-good next tier VIP (Silver) rooms are still absolutely astonishing and mind blowing however they are nearly HALF-OFF! So the suggested voluntary donation rates are almost HALF-OFF the VIP-Gold-Demigod rooms! These Maserati-like VIP rooms give total privacy with extraordinarily thick partitions giving total closure and privacy, along with a King size mattress, plus sexy lighting and music. These decadent rooms are known as the “Silver-VIP rooms”.

    You may pre-reserve a cozy roomy Gold-Demigod room or a Silver-VIP room to ensure that you get to have an enhanced beautiful experience as both the Gold-Demigod and Silver-VIP rooms tend to book up fast! Simply e-mail us at: and let us know what time and for how long you wish a comfortable spacious Demigod-Gold or VIP-Silver room!


    GET IN FREE! Referrals
    Get in FREE by simply referring a friend to VEM!

    Get in HALF-OFF by just referring a female who becomes a VEM model!

    *(To be eligible for the referral-discount you must have previously attended minimally one night at VEM, and your referral must have had no previous contact with us).

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